Sarah Klassen: My Weight Loss Journey

Sarah Klassen: My Weight Loss Journey

When we last blogged about Grand Rapids FLEXcitizen Sarah, she was 9 months into her health and fitness journey.

We caught up with Sarah after she completed our three month Fresh Start Challenge. She lost 11 pounds and 11.5 total inches, improved her timed mile by 1 minute and was able to do 9 more pushups and 5 more burpees in a minute than when the challenge started in January. This put her total weight loss around 56 pounds! We are so proud of Sarah and all that she continues to achieve.


FCF: How has your self-esteem & body image changed since you started coming to FLEXcity in 2014?

SK: My self esteem has improved drastically! I am proud of my body and the hard work I have put into it. I know it’s not perfect, but I am doing the best I can. I’ve lost 56 pounds and I have celebrated each and every pound!

What do you find the hardest part of maintaining a healthy & balanced life?

The hardest part for me is eating healthy on the go. I have no problem eating healthy at home because we only have healthy food in our house. When I have to eat out I struggle choosing the healthy option because there are so many other choices. I try to follow the 80/20 rule now and I let eating out be the 20%. We try to only eat out once a week, which makes it easier.

What is the easiest aspect of staying active?

Working out is easy for me! I love FLEXcity and running outside. I have no problem exercising 6 times per week.

How do you stay motivated and on track?

I stay motivated by taking it one week at a time. I plan out meals and workouts on Sunday so when my week gets crazy, I’m set and ready to go. One of the best ways I stay motivated is by looking at photos of myself from a year ago and remembering how far I have come!

You’re training for your first 10k in May, what does training look like? Do you have a goal time in mind?

My 10k training includes 3-4 FLEX classes per week and then running 2-3 days a week. I do one long run (4-6 miles), one maintenance run (2-4 miles) and one interval/hill run (2-3 miles). My goal is to do a 10 minute/mile pace, which should put me at just about one hour and two minutes.

What will be the difference between the “losing weight” phase and “maintenance” phase for you?

I have one more pound to go and then I’ll be in the maintenance phase. I think the major difference will be focusing less on my weight and more on my fitness levels and goals (doing more reps, lifting heavier weights, running faster, etc.) I also want to build more muscle mass now that I am at my goal BMI.

How do you set yourself up for success?

I think I’ve been successful because in January 2014 I told myself I was going to lose weight until I was at a healthy BMI and that giving up wasn’t an option. From there I set much smaller goals that were attainable in a faster amount of time. I also reward myself for success; I’ve bought new running clothes, new shoes and FLEXgear when I met my goals! The FLEX challenges also help me stay motivated. I set goals for each challenge and hold myself accountable.IMG952015041995194939

I have also never “dieted”. I hate that word. A diet will only last as long as you’re on it while a lifestyle change will last forever. I make healthy substitutions for my favorite foods so I never feel deprived and want to binge.

Anything else you want to accomplish this year with your health and fitness?

This year I will be running a race around Macinac Island in September. My goal is to run it at a 9 minute/mile pace. After that, I want to run a half marathon next spring!

Interested in experiencing a FLEXcity Fitness Challenge for yourself? Our next one kicks off on Saturday, April 25.


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