FLEX Spotlight: Lauren

FLEX Spotlight: Lauren

This edition of FLEX Spotlight features Lauren, who joined FLEX after the new year and completed our FRESH start challenge leading up to her wedding this summer. Congrats Lauren on your weight loss success!

I started FLEX at the start of the new year, thinking it was a great time to get in shape for my wedding 8 months away. I, like many others, have started workout plans as my New Year’s resolution several times before, and they maybe stuck for about a month. However, this time, I not only joined FLEX, but I started the FRESH start challenge in order to help motivate me to keep up with my workouts. The variety of workouts, intervals, and positive motivation during class helped me reach (and exceed) my fitness goals.

What changes have you experienced since coming to FLEX? the changes I have experienced include increased energy, increased strength and flexibility, improvement in my 5k time by 4 minutes, as well as a loss of 20 pounds, 4 dress sizes, and renewed confidence.

What is your favorite workout at FLEX? The variety of workouts is one of my favorite things about FLEX, but I really enjoy shorter intervals and mat work.

What would your advice be to other people looking to better their health/lose weight/get more active? My advice to others looking to make a lifestyle change is to set attainable goals, schedule workouts ahead of time, give it your all in class, make yourself a priority, and FLEX! 🙂 

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