FLEXfood: Pureed Cauliflower

FLEXfood: Pureed Cauliflower

Cauliflower is often the last to be eaten off the veggie tray, or pushed aside on salads, but with a little work this vegetable can serve as a great side dish. An alternative to mashed potatoes, cauliflower is a healthier option that’s simple to prepare.

Nutritional benefits of cauliflower:

-high in fiber

-excellent source of Vitamins C, K, B12 and B1

-Rich in folate, biotin and omega-3 fatty acids

Easy Pureed Cauliflower:


1 head cauliflower

1 small russet potato (optional)

1/2 cup low sodium chicken stock (more as needed)

1 tablespoon Earth Balance buttery spread

1 clove garlic

1 teaspoon read pepper flakes

Salt and pepper to taste

Chop cauliflower and potato and place in stock pot of boiling water. Boil on medium for 10 minutes or until soft.

In a high powered blender combine cooked cauliflower and remaining ingredients, blend until smooth. Add additional chicken stock to achieve desired consistency.

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