FLEXspotlight: Samantha

FLEXspotlight: Samantha

Meet Sam, a Lansing FLEXcitizen who has seen great health and fitness success since coming to FLEX last fall. From weight loss to increased strength and speed, Sam truly believes in the FLEX56 method. Read on to hear about her FLEX story:

What changes have you seen since starting FLEX?

The biggest change for me was that FLEX made me love working out.  From my first class, I fell in love and it was something I looked forward too at the end of a stressful work day.  My body has also transformed. I am stronger and my endurance has greatly increased in the year I have been a FLEXcitizen.Before 12.4.15

Why do you love FLEX?

I love that every class is different, first and foremost. I also love the fact that no matter how long you have been going it is still a challenge, because the trainers help you challenge yourself. They remind you to increase your speed on the treadmill or maybe suggest trying a heavier weight. I went from walking 90% of my rounds, no matter the length, to running 12 minute rounds and ending with a sprinting speed I never thought I would reach. Lastly, it became a place I made friends. We were all sweating it out together, and I got to know many awesome women who pushed me along the way.After

What advice do you have for others?

I think the biggest piece of advice I would give is to try one of the challenges. I loved the 50 classes in 90 days challenge. I lost 12 pounds, but more importantly I lost serious inches in my waist and hips. I also suggest talking to Trista or Jenny or any of the trainers about your fitness goals.  They are professionals that can truly help you build a plan that works for you. FLEX trainers are professionals, and I think that is a key part of FLEX. They can guide you in not only weight loss goals, but in helping you get stronger, faster or whatever goals you may have.

Overall, FLEX has been a great place for me. If you are looking for a place that will challenge you and support you in a safe and healthy way, FLEXcity is the place to go.

We are so proud of your achievements, Sam!

Interested in participating in a FLEX challenge? Our Be Jolly Not Jelly challenge starts November 1st.

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