A Healthier Halloween

A Healthier Halloween

Second to Christmas, Halloween is the most popular holiday of the year (IBIS World). The reason? Candy! Halloween is the one day a year eating candy is a given. We love Halloween and all that it brings, but there’s a way to celebrate that won’t derail your diet. We’ve compiled 5 tricks (and treats) to help make your halloween on the healthier side this year.Halloween

  1. Don’t tempt yourself. Buying candy a week or more in advance makes it much harder to stay away. Keeping candy where you can access it any time of the day might not be the best option. If possible, wait a little longer to purchase the goods before the trick-or-treaters come. You’ll thank yourself!
  2. Get it out! Once the morning of the 1st comes, get the sugary stuff out. Donate it to a shelter or toss it in the trash- Halloween shouldn’t last until the new year.
  3. Stay active. We’re hosting a 75 minute Sweat Out the Sugar class just in time for Halloween! Get your sweat on in the morning before the fun begins. When you want to go back for seconds (or thirds) of your favorite sweet treat, remind yourself of how hard you worked in the morning. Why negate that?
  4. Moderation is key. Of course it’s okay to enjoy your favorite Halloween candy, just keep your portion in check. 1-2 fun size treats is a great way to satisfy your craving, but don’t go overboard. Pick items that you only eat around halloween and savor them (we love Justin’s organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups available at Target).
  5. Eat before you go. Taking your kids trick-or-treating or heading to a costume party? Don’t show up starving. Have a healthy, nutrient dense meal before you arrive so you aren’t tempted to go candy-crazy once you get there. That way you can take inventory of what food and drink you really want before diving into the chocolate.

Happy Halloween! 

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