FLEX Spotlight: Rachel

FLEX Spotlight: Rachel

Rachel Diskin is one of our most dedicated, determined customers. With over three hundred classes under her belt, Rachel has seen the benefits and results hard work and dedicated brings at FLEXcity. We interviewed Rachel to see just why she keeps coming back and how her body has changed since her first class in 2013.

When did you first start coming to FLEX? What location.

I started coming to the Lansing location of FLEX in October 2013.

Why did you come back?

I come back to FLEX because it’s the best workout out there. My experience with FLEX has changed my outlook on fitness. Before FLEX it was all about getting “skinny” for me. Yes, FLEX burns fat, but it also builds muscles and endurance. I love seeing new muscles that I didn’t know I could have peeking out and when I’m able to bump up my speed on the treadmill. Now my focus is on getting healthy, stronger, faster. I can’t explain the difference it’s made in my well-being and overall body image.

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What results have you seen since coming?

Though I’ve been coming since October 2013, I really started pushing myself in January 2015. Since January 2015, I’ve lost 11 pounds, have bumped up my comfortable treadmill pace by 1.5, can do “real” push-ups and hardly fit into any of my clothes anymore!

Favorite cardio?

I love the treadmill. There’s nothing like pushing yourself at the end of a long FLEX class to go faster than your previous sprint.

Favorite strength (TRX, bosu, etc)

I love free weights- and adding the bosu is an extra bonus!

Favorite music to hear during class?

FLEX has the best music! The upbeat, popular music keeps me motivated and entertained during class. Especially when Jenny dances along!

Least favorite exercise?

I hate those darn blue resistance bands! They always feel like they’re going to snap, and my sweaty hands slide off them.

Weekend activities?

Going to FLEX helps me to keep up with all of my favorite weekend activities. I love getting outdoors- bike riding around Lansing, kayaking in the summer, walking my dog. I also love trying new foods and new craft beers. With FLEX in my life, I can have some small indulgences on the weekend and still accomplish my goal of losing fat and gaining muscle!


Thanks, Rachel! We have loved watching your transformation!

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