Focus On: Enjoying Life

Focus On: Enjoying Life

If you’re participating the Leap Year Challenge, you’ve heard us speak about this topic before. So often, the idea of being healthy becomes more stressful and daunting than it needs to be. Living a healthy life doesn’t mean you have to have a six pack abs or drink smoothies for every meal. Being healthy means you enjoy life and treat your body well with food and exercise along the way.

The FLEX philosophy of health is simple:

-Eat healthy, well balanced meals

-Exercise often

-Be kind to yourself

-Set realistic long term goals

We believe the 80/20 rule is a great way to achieve your goals without feeling deprived. 80% of the time make meal choices that are full of lean protein, smart carbs and plenty of veggies, while the other 20% enjoying your favorites! We only have one life, so why make yourself miserable by not enjoying what you truly like in moderation.

FLEX is not a quick fix. Our goal is that clients achieve long term success, not a fad type of workout or diet program that will backfire in the long run. The best results are achieved when you are doing your best work over a sustained period of time.

We want our clients to be their best selves. Doing their best in class and eating the best food they can. But life happens, and sometime things don’t go according to plan. While striving to be your best, know that being your best doesn’t mean being perfect, it simply means trying.

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