Common FLEX Modifications

Common FLEX Modifications

One of the foundational goals of the FLEX56 Method is that any person, no matter their fitness level, can participate. FLEX is a challenging class for any fitness level and there are many ways to tailor our workouts to meet your needs. Below are some of our most common exercises and the modifications that can easily be done to decrease impact while still pushing yourself.unspecified

Bodyweight Exercises:

  • Pushup: can be done on the top of thighs (be sure to stay off of knee caps)
  • Forearm plank: done on the top of thighs
  • Straight arm plank: for bad wrists, do on with weights under your hands
  • Alternating lunges: stationary lunges on each side
  • Tricep dips: keep seat on the floor
  • Tricep pushups: come to the tops of your thighs
  • Mountain climbers: slow your pace and bring knees to chest, or tap knees to the floor
  • Burpees: step up and back instead of jumping. No hop at the top. Squats or pushups are a great alternative

TRX Exercises:

  • All TRX exercises can be modified by simply walking away from your anchor point

Bosu Exercises:

  • Any Bosu exercise can be done on the floor to modify


  • In small V, parallel, wide second and flat back chair simply decrease the bend in your knees to make this exercise lower impact. Placing a ball in between legs is also a great option to make sure your knees stay in proper alignment

There you have it! The most common exercises you will see in class and how to modify them when necessary.

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