Why Nothing Compares to FLEX

Why Nothing Compares to FLEX

FLEX cals

When we created FLEX we designed it to be the most efficient workout available. In just 56 minutes you get cardio, strength training and flexibility. FLEXcity is a true one-stop-shop, no other gym membership is necessary. During a FLEX class you can expect to burn on average 500-600 calories for females and 700-900 for males, in under 60 minutes.

Activities like biking, walking and gardening are great add-ons to what you do at the studio, but shouldn’t replace your time at FLEX. Walking and running burn on average 100 calories per mile. It will take you 2 hours at a brisk walking pace to burn the equivalent of a FLEX class, while running at a pace of 6.0 on the treadmill for an hour will burn about the same.

While at FLEX, your heart rate is always high, leading to faster calorie burn and a more challenging workout. The strength portion keeps your body burning fat once you leave the studio.

During the summer and spring months our challenge to you is to add to your FLEX routine, not subtract. This doesn’t necessarily coming to class more– perhaps adding in walks, bike rides or outdoor activities. But, it does mean still coming to class, as doing a workout on your own just isn’t the same. With over 15 years in the fitness industry, we know that accountability and a support environment is key in sticking to a fitness regimen, and that is exactly what FLEX provides.


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