TDC Review: Cora

TDC Review: Cora

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Our first ever TakeDown Challenge ended last month and we were blown away by the incredible results that were achieved. Grand Rapids instructor Cora participated in the challenge and shared her review with us. Our favorite point that Cora made was that the TDC takes foods you already eat and teaches you how to portion them properly to achieve long-term success.

What was your biggest takeaway from the 28 day TDC?

My biggest takeaway from the challenge was learning about how to portion my meals and to create meals with the appropriate balance of protein, carb and fats. I found that I was eating a lot more protein and a lot less carbs than I usually do. Portion control was also a great habit to get into as now I have carried over the portion amounts from the challenge and have a better idea of what my meal portions should look like. It can be hard when I’m making food and so hungry and ready to eat, but knowing that a certain portion will fill me up helps me control the amount I eat. I also started working out at 6am without eating before so I could have breakfast after and I am able to get through the workout just fine! 

Why would you recommend the TDC to others?

The TDC gave me structure in my eating that everyone can find difficult to form on their own. Having portions and timing of my meals planned out was huge for me in following a meal plan. TDC also helped me portion out what I already like to eat and create meals that are sustainable and achievable after the challenge was over. It created eating habits that I am able to carry over and continue after the challenge.

What was your favorite recipe?

My favorite recipe was the strawberry smoothie! I make it all the time now!

Besides pounds and inches what was the biggest change you experienced?

I saw a change in the consistency of my energy levels throughout the day. I felt like I experienced less “crashes” in the late morning and afternoon, that my meals seemed to last me longer and I didn’t have as many points in the day where I felt extremely hungry. 

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