HIIT it at FLEXcity Fitness

HIIT it at FLEXcity Fitness


It seems that “HIIT” is all over the place these days. This super effective, high intensity method of working out has been one of the top fitness trends since 2014, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. 

So what exactly is HIIT? HIIT- or high intensity interval training, consists of short all-out bursts of exercise, followed by a period of active recovery. This style of workout increases your heart rate and keeps it there, thus burning more calories and torching more fat. 

That’s why at FLEX we love intense cardio intervals, followed by a time of active recovery at a comfortable speed. Or, a quick burst of burpees followed by a static plank hold. While you are still working during the recovery period, it isn’t as intense as your 100% effort pushes. 

Still not convinced about HIIT? Sign up for your first FLEX56 class today and let us show you why we love HIIT!

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