5 Small Healthy Changes to Make this Month

5 Small Healthy Changes to Make this Month

Every January we are bombarded with messages of resolutions, big changes and goals- but how often do we achieve what we set out to do on the first day of the year? For most people it never happens. Instead we encourage you to take the approaches of making small changes that will add up to big change! Think of adding, not subtracting to keep you motivated and not feeling deprived.



  1. Add more vegetables to lunch and dinner each day. Whether it be a small side salad at lunch or roasted root veggies at dinner, adding produce will help you feel full and satisfied after a meal.
  2. Incorporate one extra workout a week. Say you come to FLEX three days a week, why not shoot for four? See how it feels and if it’s something you can sustain, make it your new normal!
  3. Sip more water throughout the day. Not drinking enough water leads to dry skin, lack of energy and often masks itself as hunger when you really just need more h20. Make it a goal to drink 2 more cups of water per day. Make it more fun with fresh produce like oranges, limes or cucumber.
  4. Increase your step count. If you track your steps via a Fitbit, Apple Watch or any other wearable, consider upping your step goal each day. Even better- invite friends to join you and make it a competition. You’ll never regret moving more throughout the day.
  5. Plan ahead for healthy choices. If you often find yourself scrambling around the kitchen at dinnertime with nothing to make, consider meal planning at the start of the week. Use this time to schedule your workouts and get in the right mindset for the week to come. We love the saying- “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.

There you  have it! Five ways to make January a healthy month without all of the New Years resolution pressure.

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