Making Time to Workout When There Doesn’t Seem Like There is Any

Making Time to Workout When There Doesn’t Seem Like There is Any


One of the biggest reasons people don’t workout is because of the time needed to get to the gym, studio or head out for a run. We understand that. Our days are busy and there never seems to be enough time to finish everything on our to-do list. But, there are a few simple steps you can take to make getting to FLEX a little bit easier. A FLEX workout is only 4% of your day!

1. Come first thing in the morning. We know the longer you wait to workout, the less likely it is to happen. Things pop up and before you know it it’s 7pm and your workout never got done. Attending classes at 6am may be hard at first but give it a few weeks and those early morning workouts will become second nature. Walking out of the studio at 7am knowing you’re done sweating for the day is a great feeling. 

2. Buddy up. Commit to attend class with a friend and reduce the risk of bailing at the last minute. 

3. Sign up ahead of time. We love our online sign up system because it is a built in way to keep you committed to showing up. Plan your workouts well in advance and treat them like an appointment you can’t miss. Would you skip a meeting with your boss?

4. Try one of our many at-home workouts. We have a great variety of at home (no equipment) workouts available on our blog. When you really can’t make it to the studio, these are a great resource. 

5. Purchase our new Mini Membership. This is a great option for FLEXcitizens who love to FLEX but can’t attend as often as they’d like to. Each month (30 day period) you will receive five classes to use in that time period. The next month you will receive five again and so on. The classes expire after 30 days so use them or lose them. Keep yourself accountable by knowing you’re wasting classes if you aren’t showing up. This program is a three month minimum commitment and is just $59 per month. 

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