5 Easy Ways to Take Back Your New Year’s Resolution

5 Easy Ways to Take Back Your New Year’s Resolution

We all begin the year with the best of intentions. We promise ourselves we’ll be better, do more, work harder, the list goes on. But what happens when those resolutions fall to the wayside and you aren’t seeing the change you want to see?unspecified

5 Ways to Take Back Your Resolution

  1. Remember your motivation. What made you set the goal or resolution you did? How were you feeling at that point? Bring yourself back to that moment to remember the why of your resolution.
  2. Make a list. Write down five practical ways you can achieve this goal/resolution. These can be small, simple steps. We know that creating small change in the beginning leads to big change over all.
  3. Refocus. Perhaps your goal was a bit to lofty or just not realistic. There’s no shame in tweaking your end goal in order to make sure you get there.
  4. Just do something! Often times when we realize we aren’t where we want to be we sit in the same spot without really doing anything. Today is the day to take even the smallest of steps to move you in the right direction. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to get back to FLEX but haven’t gotten to the studio yet– here’s your sign to make it happen today!
  5. Think positive. Negative self talk gets us nowhere. Turn your doubts into optimism. Mindset is key to achieving your goals.

There you have it! Our five simple steps to take back your 2017 resolution. How are you moving forward to be the best version of yourself this year?


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