FLEX Fit Pregnancy Part I

FLEX Fit Pregnancy Part I

Exercise is important before, during and after baby!

We (Jenny and Trista) are welcoming babies this summer and staying active is a top priority for us!

Research proves that exercise is good for pregnant women. If you are active, you’ll experience a healthier pregnancy, have a faster recovery and suffer less postpartum depression.

In the first trimester that can be easier said than done. You can experience a wide range of symptoms and pregnancy side effects. We have seen it all! Some clients feel nothing during their first trimester and have no problem working out as they always have. If this is you, keep working out. But remember it’s ok to decrease your intensity. If you are one of the women who really struggle during the first trimester, you are not alone. Jenny got sick almost everyday from 4-18 weeks with her first baby and number two. Do the best you can  and remember YOU WILL FEEL NORMAL AGAIN!

At the most basic level, prenatal exercise has amazing benefits:

  • Let’s face it: you will gain weight during pregnancy. The good news is that exercise can help keep the amount you gain in check. 
  • Increases your energy level and stamina, which is needed for labor (and chasing your kids around).
  • Your posture will change due to your changing body and growing baby. Physical activity will help to avoid a lot of the injuries and aches that can result from these changes. 
  • It can help support a smoother labor.
  • Increases positive mood and attitude — a plus for you and your loved ones! You will be competing with strong hormones, so combat them with movement.
  • Makes you feel like you have an impact on some of the things happening to you, since so many are out of your control.
  • Helps you get back into shape more quickly after delivery.


Throwback to Jenny’s first pregnancy in 2014!

If you were not exercising prior to becoming pregnant you still can start, as long as you get your doc’s approval. Keep it simple; this is not the time to start training for a marathon. Aim for 30 minutes every day (more if you and your doctor deem it appropriate). Most importantly, remember you are exercising to feel good, keep your weight gain at a healthy pace and prepare your body for labor, delivery and motherhood!

Stay tuned for our prenatal resources coming soon!


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