Progress vs. Perfection

Progress vs. Perfection


Nothing worth doing is ever easy or fast. Achieving a goal always takes time and dedication and the same can be said for health and fitness. Whether you are setting out to lose 50 pounds or simply want to maintain your weight, progress is always more important that perfection. Perfect doesn’t exist, despite what you think social media is telling you. Focus on you and doing the best you can, not what you think other people are doing.

Adopting the mindset of “all or nothing” can slow down your progress when you fall off the wagon.

The key to staying on top of your goals, as well as making proper nutrition and daily exercise work for you, is to be realistic. That means being flexible, accepting your mistakes and truly knowing your strengths and weaknesses so you use them to your best advantage. You have to give yourself the opportunity to grow through trying new things, finding your boundaries and giving each day a fresh start.

  • See the big picture — little slip-ups are just that, and long-term changes are what count.
  • Give in now and then — temptation becomes much less powerful when you know it’s temporary.
  • Stop saying the “D” word — diet, that is. Instead make lifestyle changes that help you find the point at which you can be both happy and healthy.
  • Forgive yourself — not allowing yourself to make mistakes is the worst mistake of all.
  • Celebrate small victories — remember progress no matter how small is a step in the right direction
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