Healthier at Work: 5 Tips Everyone Can Use

Healthier at Work: 5 Tips Everyone Can Use



Our sedentary lifestyles, both at home and in the workplace, are extremely costly for our bodies! We are sitting WAY too much. The human body is made to do amazing things – and sitting is not one of them.

But what can you do? If you spend most of your day sitting at an office or in a car, we’ve put together a few ideas on exactly how you can increase your daily activity and up the health factor during the work week.

1) Take the stairs

Consistently taking the stairs over the elevator or escalator is going to increase your heart rate and give you a boost of energy.

2) Incorporate exercise into your daily routine

We recommend waking up an hour earlier to squeeze it in or pack your gym clothes so you are ready to workout right after work .If you stop at home you are much less likely to go! Put your exercise in your schedule just like you would a work appointment or doctor’s appointment.

Bonus: It’s easy to schedule a week’s worth of workouts ahead of time with our ZenPlanner app. Check out the upcoming FLEXcity Fitness classes and register to hold yourself accountable.

3) Set an alarm

Set an alarm on your phone to go off every hour at the office.  Stand up and stretch, take a walk or do squats at your desk. Move your body for a just a few minutes and feel major results throughout the day!

4) Just say no!

Working in an office setting, people bring in all sorts of “goodies” to share. It seems like there’s always a birthday or holiday to celebrate. JUST SAY NO. You’ll be ok and so will they. WE PROMISE.  

5) Drink LOTS of water

Water keeps you fuller and helps you avoid mindless eating. Try to drink half your bodyweight in ounces. Hydrating regularly will also force you to have to use the bathroom more often, encouraging you to get up and move.

Try implementing these tips into your daily work life. Consistent habits lead to consistent results. Happy MOVING!!

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