Healthier on Vacation: Tips Everyone Can Use

Healthier on Vacation: Tips Everyone Can Use

FLEXcity Healthy on Vacation

Summer vacation season is officially here and it’s important not to throw away months of hard work on your getaway.

We’ve put together our favorite tips to stay on track and still have fun during vacation!

  • Have a plan! Dedicate 30-45 minutes of your day to exercise. Find out if your hotel has a gym or if you will need to find another way to get your exercise in.  A FLEX on the go HIIT workout is a great way to get a high caloric and fat burn in a little amount time, space and equipment.  Below you will find an easy 30-minute workout you can do on your next vacation.
  • Enjoy yourself but remember treating your body like garbage does not make your vacation more fun. On vacation we tend to eat big meals rather than small ones throughout the day. Pack healthy snacks and have options available that will help you not overeat. The RX bar is a travel favorite of ours.  
  • Don’t drink all your calories! Choose a lighter drink option while by the pool. Instead of a blended margarita, which is full of sugar and can be up to 700 calories choose white wine, flavored vodka with club soda, or light beer.
  • Be active other than planned exercise. Vacation is a great time to enjoy extra time to take walks, hikes, bike rides etc. So mix the lounging up with moving to keep feeling great.
  • Stay hydrated. Making sure you are drinking enough water is important all the time. When we get dehydrated we tend to feel hungry and mindlessly eat. Try to carry a water bottle with you all day.

Vacation is all about relaxing and enjoying time with loved ones. Follow these tips and you will come back feeling energized rather than guilty.

BONUS: Here is a 30 minute workout you can use on your next vacation:

Warm Up- 5 Minutes Walking or Jogging

Set #1:

    • Jumping Jacks 1 Minute
    • V-ups 1 Minute
    • Squat Jumps or Squats 1 Minute
    • Plank Hold 1 Minute
    • Walking Lunges 1 Minute


  • Repeat 2 X


Set #2:

  • Push ups  1 Minute
    • Wall Sit or chair pose 1 Minute
    • Burpees 1 Minute
    • Tricep Dips 1 Minute
    • Mtn. Climber 1 Minute


  • Repeat 2 X


Cool Down- 5 Minutes Walking or Jogging

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