Movement Modifications with FLEXcity Fitness

Movement Modifications with FLEXcity Fitness

Modifications, what’s the big deal?!


Your heart is pumping, you have a good sweat going as you pound out push up repetitions, and then you hear one of our FlexCity Fitness instructors say, “as a modification you may drop down to the tops of your thighs”. So, what does that really mean? You hear instructors say, “modify” or “another option”, but why? Ask no further, we are diving in for you, because we love movement modifications!

What is a modification? Simply put, a modification is a variation of movement. As we all know and honor at FlexCity Fitness, everyone comes from different backgrounds and fitness levels. With that being said, it is critical to offer a variety of movement options. There are ways to make a movement easier and there are ways to make a movement more difficult.

We like to make a movement easier by increasing the base of support (a wider stance with our feet makes us more stable), using bodyweight, isolating the muscle groups, and utilizing equipment as a form of support (example: holding onto the barre). It is also important to stress or challenge muscles properly  in order to continue undergoing muscular gains. In order to do this, we make movements more challenging  by changing the base of support, combining movements, adding a core component, balance, speed, rotational, and explosive challenges to a standard movement. Think: BOSU ball, TRX, jumping, twisting… all of the fun stuff 😉

Why are modifications important?

  • Developing and maintaining good form
  • Preventing injury
  • Ensuring personal safety
  • Increasing muscular strength and endurance gains
  • Working the targeted muscle group effectively
  • Developing  and strengthening mind-body connection (mindfulness, YES, we love it!)
  • Teaching your muscles the correct movement patterns


What does this mean for the FlexCitizen? We kindly ask that you listen to your body and take the options based on how you are feeling during your workout. Modifications rock. Choosing to do the bodyweight squat rather than the jumping squat is awesome. Don’t think otherwise.

It is important that you are moving through the correct and full range of motion of an exercise in order to receive the benefits of the movement. But what does this mean? As an example, if you are doing a standard push-up on your hands and toes and you are only moving your body a couple of inches rather than completing the full movement (chest hovering only a couple of inches above the floor), this could potentially do more harm than good. A better option would be to take the correct modification for your body. Become a pro at the modification that is right for you and you can progress from there as your muscle memory develops and your form is spot on!

Now that you know what a modification is, the importance of modifications, and how we want you to honor your body and what it needs, we are excited to announce that each month we will be highlighting a “Move of the Month”. Every Friday we will be demonstrating a new level or modification of the movement, aka #modifywithFLEX. This way, you can try the options at home or during your workouts at the studio and check in with what modification is best for your body. In the studio, we will be practicing the various options as well. Lastly, this will be a great way to set personal goals as you gain a deeper understanding of the movement and how it can progressively become more difficult.

Follow us on social media to receive updates and info on our Move of the Month! Try out the modifications as we post them and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to see you all rockin’ modifications!

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