Tips to Battle Stress Eating

Tips to Battle Stress Eating



Bad habits, we all have them. Many of us struggle to fight the urge of turning to food for comfort when we’re under pressure. This is such a common concern that we put together a list of our tips on battling the stress eating habit.

Acknowledge your stress and try to deal with the root reason.  

  • What is actually causing you to have the munchies? What are you reacting to? We must accept that stress is not a real living thing, it’s only your reaction to situations in life. You have control over your thoughts and your response, which is an empowering realization.


Replace stress eating with a constructive habit that triggers the same positive brain response.

  • Substituting a new, uplifting habit will allow you to still react to the things in your world, but to do it in a way that serves your best interest. Rather than reaching for the donuts, try taking a short walk, calling a friend, stretching, etc.  Food, especially sweets, and the cravings you lean toward in times of stress trigger a chemical response in the brain. Vitamin D, time with friends, exercise, even videos of cute puppies trigger similar happy endorphins in your brain. These are better solutions long-term as their effects are lasting and guilt-free!


Delay the indulgence, giving yourself time to consider your choice and portion.

  • Acknowledge your craving, then promise yourself if you still feel like eating it in 30 minutes, you’ll allow yourself indulge. Typically if 15-30 minutes pass, your intense emotional reaction will die down allowing your to consider your choice more closely. The important and tricky thing here is to be aware of the moments when you’re reacting to the stressful situation. Only by acknowledging your behavior and accepting it can you use this delay tactic.


Utilize a managed eating plan with someone who holds you accountable.

  • The goal here is to leave no wiggle room for emotional or unplanned reactions that lead to stress eating. For example, our FLEXfit Kitchen program is a 4-week plan that guides you in changing your habits while kickstarting your metabolism. A challenge, a competition, and a structured plan will help you stick to your goals when you feel like giving in. Committing to a plan and actually preparing for it will make avoiding on-a-whim, grab-and-go habits a lot easier to conquer.

For more info on the FLEXfit Kitchen email us.

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