The Importance of Cardio AND Strength Training

The Importance of Cardio AND Strength Training



The FLEX56 method provides one of the most efficient and effective workouts in under an hour by combining cardiovascular exercise with strength training.  Below, we break down the importance of both and explain why you need them to create lasting, well-rounded results. Many classes provide one or the other, from solely cardio at spin studios to just strength training in weight-based courses. By only focusing on one style of exercise, you miss out on long-term sustainable results that produce a range of capabilities.

We incorporate cardio in FLEX classes with treadmills, spin bikes and plyometric moves. Cardiovascular exercise brings your heart rate up and gets more oxygen pumping through your blood . In addition to a stronger heart, major benefits of cardio training include improved circulation, increased bone density, and reduced anxiety. Regular cardio workouts even help you sleep better and give you more energy!

Strength training at FLEXcity involves light and heavy weights along with utilizing your own bodyweight as resistance. This forces your body to switch on muscle fibers and raises your metabolism. You will build more active tissue which stabilizes and strengthens your entire body. Strength training keeps your metabolic system firing up to 36 hours after your workout! That means you are burning calories while sitting at your desk or driving the day after class.

A recent study conducted at Duke University Medical Center reveals a healthy combination of aerobic and resistance training is the best formula for reducing body fat and increasing lean body mass.

FLEXcity Fitness is a one stop shop for all your fitness needs. It is the perfect combination of strength and cardio training that offers a different workout each and every day to keep your body from plateauing. Haven’t been to the studio yet? Don’t miss out, your first class is free!

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