Est. 2012


FLEX is an interval-based fitness studio blending leading techniques into a one-of-a-kind training concept. You get everything you need from FLEX without multiple memberships at a variety of studios. We incorporate cardio, strength and flexibility into each and every class. The intensity of our method in a calorie-scorching sweat session leads to effective, noticeable results. Our clients look, feel and perform better within their first month of becoming a FLEXcitizen. Our team of passionate and highly-skilled trainers will guide you through classes that leave you sweaty, smiling and feeling your very best. We continually develop and introduce new workouts while staying up on the latest, most effective fitness trends. This keeps our clients from getting bored, constantly challenges their bodies and helps break through plateaus.

Our method was developed to make exercise fun, efficient and most importantly, effective. FLEX is an instructor-led small group training class that alternates between cardio and strength training.

FLEX is an instructor-led small group training class that alternates between cardio and strength training.

The best part? Every day of the week the class is different, so you’re constantly introduced to fun and challenging exercises. You’ll get to use treadmills, indoor cycling, BOSU™, TRX™, barre and much more to get a total body workout. Each class is structured to maximize calorie burn, increase strength, tone and flexibility.



Jenny Quinn holds BS and MS degrees in Exercise Physiology and Health Promotion and is a certified personal trainer. She has been working in the field for over 15 years and has extensive experience in corporate wellness. Her genuine enthusiasm, passion, knowledge of and practical approach to total health allows her to challenge clients to get the results they want.

Trista Parisian is a certified personal trainer and holds a BS in kinesiology from MSU. She has over 15 years of experience and spent 4 years training and teaching in LA and accumulated over 2000 hours of core fusion class instruction. In addition to classes she trained celebrities, including Hillary Swank. Trista’s unique experiences brings new and exciting styles to the Lansing Area and beyond.

Since 2012 Jenny and Trista have taken their shared love of helping others achieve peak health and used it to cultivate amazing results for FLEXcitizens. In fact, because this concept works so well, FLEX has expanded into digital solutions as well, helping people across geographic boundaries.

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