Reality vs. Perception

Jan 25, 2021 | Motivation and Mindset

There is no “best” way to eat or exercise (well FLEX clearly ;)) It would be easier if there were one way of eating that improved the health of everyone, but we’re all a little different so we need to do what’s best for our body, life, mind, etc. Eating a variety of foods ensures you’re getting a diversity of nutrients and phytochemicals – but make sure you’re choosing nutrient-dense foods, not empty calories. Choose whole foods with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors. Diversify the types of fruits and vegetables you eat. Reduce processed carbs and minimize added sugar as much as possible. Don’t jump on every diet fad that comes along, whether it’s gluten-free or grain-free, keto, paleo… The list goes on. Although these diets may have health benefits for some people, they restrict large numbers of foods and reduce dietary diversity. The bottom line…keep it simple. It’s hard to go wrong eating whole foods. Nutrition may be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Choose nutrient-dense whole foods and you’ll be doing good things for your health. Strive for progress over perfection There is no such thing as perfect so stop striving for a false sense of perfection – in any aspect of your life. Images are edited to look the way they do, i.e. often “perfect” in the eyes of the beholder. We can’t expect a real human body to look like a digitally edited, enhanced photo. If we are always comparing, we are always going to feel like we are failing. You need to learn to BE OKAY WITH WHERE YOU ARE while still having goals. Your worth has nothing to do with swimsuit season.

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