The Power of Thoughts

Jan 14, 2021 | Motivation and Mindset

Your thoughts have power. We tell ourselves that once we achieve the result we’re looking for, only then will we think positively about ourselves and feel worthy of love and respect. The reality is, though, we won’t realize the results we are looking for if we don’t first change our thoughts. If we are constantly thinking and telling ourselves a negative narrative, those feelings will lead to actions that reflect this feeling such as, “I might as well just skip the gym and eat pizza since I’m already out of shape,” which is, of course, counterproductive. Instead, if we start our days with positive, more productive thoughts, everything else will follow suit. Your day could look more like this:

Thought: “I am strong and committed to my health.”

Feeling: Empowered

Action: Go to the gym and have a great workout. Enjoy a healthy meal afterwards.

Result: Get stronger, leaner, feel better, etc.

This simple switch in your thoughts can have a ripple effect on everything else that happens in your day! When you realize this, you realize how powerful every negative and positive thought can be, and you might work harder to try to fall on the positive side of the spectrum.